Motherboard CH-4988 Ver 3.0

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Motherboard CH-4988 Ver 3.0

Post by pstojkovic »

I found an old motherboard, powered by 486 DX4/100Mhz processor.
The only useful label on it says:

CH-4988 Ver 3.0

Can anyone help me identify the motherboard exactly?
Also, some manuals, drives, etc. would be appreciated :)
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Post by Aussie »

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Re: Motherboard CH-4988 Ver 3.0

Post by robbo007 »

I have the exact same board but its version 1. The UMC chips are labels with different numbers. What type of battery do these take? Mine had a 3.6v lithium battery installed (dead) but from what I'm reading it should be a 3.6v Ni-Mh right? Does it matter about the mAh? The one I want to buy is 80 mAh.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Motherboard CH-4988 Ver 3.0

Post by evasive »

60mAh seems to be standard but I don't see why an 80mAh one would not work. Just make sure it is 3.6v and you get the polarity right when soldering it back in.
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