Help for Motherboard ID / Jumper settings

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Help for Motherboard ID / Jumper settings

Post by Carstenl »


I have bought this board for a few days ago, but i have not recieved it yet.
The seller told me that he was unable to find anything that describtion for the jumper settings.
I thought it could be a fun littel project to see if i could make it work :D

I need some help to find the jumper settings for this MB.
I have been looking on the different motherboard sites, but i have not been able to find any info on the board ! :o

Here is a picture of the board.: ... sp=sharing

Hope that you can help me.

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Re: Help for Motherboard ID / Jumper settings

Post by evasive »

yeah well 486 Vesa Isa Pci is seriously generic. Having a Phoenix bios is not helping either.

I'll see what I can find...
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