two Intel MotherBoards A & no A difference

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two Intel MotherBoards A & no A difference

Post by Jkarhani »

Please we have tablets using Intel SR1UB as CPU -
Motherboard type :RU P&Q CM-494V-o

we noticed we have two types of motherboards though one with A tagged on it & the other with nothing on it.
the one with A is freezing sometimes..+ we have some charging issues, does any one have any idea about these motherboards please?
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Re: two Intel MotherBoards A & no A difference

Post by evasive »

Intel Atom Z3735F

There may be a difference indeed but without knowing the brand and model of the tablet there is no way of telling. All the markings you are giving us (RU P&Q CM-494V-o) are for the board material, not the board design/model.
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