Policy Enforcement - Avatar Image Size

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Policy Enforcement - Avatar Image Size

Post by MoboCop »

As clearly stated in the text area in your profile when you add an avatar the max width for an avatar is 100px and max height is 200px.

Starting monday, I will be removing avatars that exceed this limit as I see them.

In the past moderators have sent private messages asking that they be fixed but that process takes too long and in many cases we get no response.

So if your avatar disapears suddenly, don't despair, please fix your sizes and then add it back in your profile.

Also see other announcement thread about images in signatures. It is now ok to use images in your sig file.
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Post by ~Rob »

So if it's too wide and not so tall stick it in your sig!
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Post by SkyWlf77 »

Hi all...

I know this topic is, like, ancient, but I figured maybe people like me would be seeing them later on down the line...

I have a Photo Software program that can resize images retaining their Height:Width ratio and (in most cases) their image quality. Keep in mind this does NOT mean that I can resize a desktop background to an avatar.

However, if someone would like an image resized to fit within the boundaries of our avatars, drop me a quick e-mail at:

[email protected]

Attach the image to the e-mail and I will get it fixed and e-mail it back to you (this process takes me like 1 minute per image).

All I ask is that you do not send more than 2 images for me to resize or I may get a little overwhelmed (there are, after all, 90,000 members here and if only 1% does this, I'd have 1800 images to do).

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Post by Daft Ada »

There's no excuse for over-sized avatars or sigs. There are 2 really easy programs to use. 1 downloadable called Paint.Net another which is used whilst online called GIF Works.

Over-sized images just screws up the whole forum for everyone and is unnecessary and unfair.
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