Gear Store is Online

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Post by Karlsweldt »

Nice work, sir! Lots of new "goodies" to salivate over! When do we get a chance for one of the "real" Mobot toys, the ones around a foot or so tall, with remote-control? Move over, 'Aino'!
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Post by Myth »

Still bummed about the velcro....
Also, the hat is more shaped like a "trucker" hat. My dad was a trucker for a long time and wore a lot of hats. I really don't like the sewn on patch look. Too boyish for me. I may have to have a local shop here make me a silk screened one. I'll check into it. May need a high res version so I can do so.

Lots of fun new toys though! :D
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Re: Gear Store is Online

Post by profofpcs »

Sorry to resurrect a post from 16 years ago but.......

Are any of the items still available to purchase? I don’t see anything and my cat was an whole and just trashed my most prized coffee cup. It was a symbolic item from my past that I’d like to replace.

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Re: Gear Store is Online

Post by evasive »

Hi, MoboCop has retired and so has the gear store it seems...
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