Target stores' pharmicists allowed to withold abortion pill

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Should a pharmacist (not a public hospital) have the right to refuse service based on their beliefs?

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Postby Roach412 » Wed Nov 16, 2005 8:00 am

Gem wrote:This subject will be argued forever, but in my opinion, I hope whoever would even consider taking this terrible drug, that they are not using it as a form of birth control. As far as the pharmacists go, there are always 2 sides to an argument and perhaps they felt obligated to refuse service.

honestly, what should it matter what you believe? not to belittle it or anything...

this person is doing what they believe, and they are entitled to their choices, just as you are. since they might believe in abortion by using this pill, does that make their beliefs any less worthy or that person any less of a human individual than you? i hope not.

people have become too "higher than thou" on beliefs being all important. "but i don't believe what you do, so screw you! it's my american right to disagree with you and make your life difficult. ha ha!" you're providing a SERVICE to provide medication. that's what you do. provide medication. not to make decisions. provide. i ask for a product, you give it. that's your job, in which you get paid to do. do your job, not the doctor's. you pull this kind of crap in most other types of jobs and your ass is out on the street. this is similar to reverse-discrimination, and just shouldn't be tolerated.

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