Once And For All...WHAT IS THE BEST O/S?

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What is the Best Operating System Overall?

Windows 95
Windows 98 (and edition)
Windows ME
Windows 2000 (any edition/Service Pack)
Windows 2000 (any edition/Service Pack)
Windows XP (Home/Pro)
Anything Linux
Total votes: 113

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Post by Tolemac »

I have never used Linux, so I can't comment on it. I am using XP Pro on one machine and XP Home on another. Yeah, I spent the extra $ on Home cause I wanted to see the difference. If you are into networking and running a small (or large!) server, then XP Pro is the way to go. Otherwise, Home works just as good. 8)
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Post by bitbyte »

Win XP
very stable. you also can get rid of the garish xp theme !!! :lol:
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My vote is for XP Pro

Post by jackdav »

I have used:
pc dos, ms dos, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 (1st ed upgrade) and XP pro in that order over the too-numerous years. I have now had XP pro running for about 2 months. It has been rock solid. Not even one freeze up or BSOD. It starts right the first time every time and pretty quickly, though I never noticed whether it takes more or less time than W98. I can leave my PC running for 4 or 5 days and it doesn't start getting weird...... I am not a Microsoft groupie, but I like XP. I still wonder how much privacy I might have lost ......... but then again, maybe I'm paranoid ......

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Best O/S

Post by TremousOLyryus »

By far, the best O/S I have ever used has got to be Windows XP. I also use Windows 98 a whole lot, but I really like the user friendly interface that comes with XP. 8O :evil: :twisted: 8)
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Post by NascarFool »

Currently I use WinXP Pro on my main comp (XP2200+) and XP Home on my lappy. (1.2GHz Athlon 4)

Best OS!!!

Post by JKUHNE »

I have used most of the microsoft operating systems, my best experience has been with WIN2K PRO. Stable for years without problems and blows all others out of the water with my current setup.

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My new Dell Dimension 8200 with 1.9 GhZ P4 and XP Pro is slow in comparison.
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Post by danoaks15 »


1. More Stable
2. Completly Free
3. Better filesystems
5. You can edit the kernel
6. Free stuff on freshmeat.net
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Post by undying fenix »

Well wheres Mac OS???? HAAHAHAHA JK. Win XP Pro would be my game cept the fact that its not always compatible with hardware. That kind of bytes. haha. (joke) (laugh) (now!) :D :D :D . Anyway, I like Win 98 too cuz it has a really good interface and I have had that longer than any other operating system that I have had: MS-DOS, 3.1, 98, and XP Pro respectively. I would definitely take Win XP Home or Pro since games will eventually not be compatible with anything less, so buy buy buy. Happy shopping kids! 8) 8O :)
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Post by rigelf »

Easily linux. I use Redhat 7.3 on an athlon 1900xp. Also have xp home on (POS) celeron 700. Never yet had to hard reboot linux, though xp does that on its own now (hehe). Haven't done official benchmark, but return to wolfenstein for windows runs *much* smoother, i'd say maybe double fps, emulated on linux than native for windows. Linux comes bundled with software you'd pay thousands of dollars for on winblows. Plus, you don't have to feel guilty about propagating the world's largest terrorist organization (Micro$quash) by using it.
And how 'bout mac X. Now that's a kick-ass commercially developed os.
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Well I have voted

Post by snakebite66 »

I voted for XP, used to run 98 se but since getting used to XPpro I would never go back to anything else.

I am a gamer and many gripes you get regarding XP come from gamers.

All I can say is that it is the best platform I have used for gaming, you can congigure so much to help the older games run well. New games just do not have a problem.

I think many of the shortcomings happen when people upgrade from another OS without starting from a newly formated HD. Then old drivers and files can effect the new OS.

I think for safety sake it is best to load a fresh installation of XP.
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