Which is the best graphics card chipset manufacturer?

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Postby ils_fl » Wed Oct 01, 2003 10:42 pm

i've seen 3dlabs wildcat 4 for about $2.5k

hmm i think i'll stick with ati
although i never tested or seen any comparicents of

ati fire gl
nvidia quadro pro series
and 3dlabs

does anyone know a link?
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Postby jeffa469 » Thu Oct 30, 2003 1:02 am

ATI has better hardware, nVidia has better code writers though that gap has rapidly closed since the original Radeon. Many of my buddies haven't used ATI since that crappy Rage card ( or was it just crappy drivers) and still try to tell me that ATI sucks. Some people can't get over mistakes made long ago. And lately, with nVidia playing catch up in hardware, their previously spotless record in driver writing is beginning to fade. Could be that their driver team is a little more stressed now that ATI has accerated the pace in the hardware department. Basically what I'm saying is that ATI is less problematic than in the past, and nVidia has gone from flawless drivers in the past to showing some warts here and there. Some games play better on nVidia, some on ATI, so it's pretty much a wash. Let's see what happens when Half Life 2 and Doom3 finally hit the market, they're bound to be the core of all Future games. I can't help but wonder how good ATI's cards would be if nVidias programers were writing the drivers. Another interesting tidbit, Xbox2 will be based on ATI chips. I've had an ATI RagePro, then a GeForce2, then the original Radeon, then GeForce3 4600Ti, to a Radeon 9800 now, can' t say I'm married to either company, I just buy what's best at the time. If nVidia's ahead the next time I buy, I'll go with them.
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Postby Nads » Wed Nov 05, 2003 2:48 am

Whats this I hear about NVIDIA cards having better drivers than ATI? Maybe this is true on mid to low end cards, but the high end stuff seems to tilt in favor of ATI. Had a problem after a driver upgrade with my 9700 PRO. It wouldnt play Empire Earth at all, but everything else was much faster with as much as 30fps gain in some games. Since I love EE, I just rolled back to the previous drivers and all was well and good again.
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Postby Tulatin » Wed Nov 05, 2003 5:52 pm

Both cards are beginning to show driver issues, which is unusual for nvida. In the past ATI was ALWAYS characterized by buggy, unstable drivers. In recent months, they've fixed most of it, but there are still issues.
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