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Postby jeffa469 » Mon Aug 04, 2003 12:43 am

Apple's biggest mistake ( one they made a long time ago ) was trying to keep everything to themselves. They wanted to make all the Apple hardware as well as the OS, and for awhile it worked out ( PC's were a joke back then). Dell, Gateway and Compac would have eagerly made MAC clones if they had been able to. Enter Bill Gates who allowed anyone to make the hardware and focused on the Software. Anyone who wanted to break into the Personal Computer business back then had no choice but to go with Microsoft. Sony made this mistake with Betamax, but for Apple it will prove fatal as they have no other products, Sony had many other products to take up the slack. I think Apple has a chance to survive if it ports it's OS to the PC platform and puts hardware on the back burner, but I think by the time they figure that one out it will be too late. If the 64bit OS and 64bit software were out now, the G5 might be nice shot in the arm for Apple. I don't hate Apple, they served me well in the '90s, but I bought a PC in '97 and then abandoned MAC totally in 2000. PC's rock the MACs world right where it hurts, Video and Graphics programs, and are WAY AHEAD (3-4years) in the quality of Games they can run. Good Luck Apple, if you're around in 10 years I'll be surprised.
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Postby miki02131 » Mon Aug 04, 2003 3:37 pm

jeffa469 wrote:... Good Luck Apple, if you're around in 10 years I'll be surprised.

Although I am not an Apple user or fan, I do want them to be around as long as there are PCs. Because without competition, PC makers will become complacent and development in PC technologies will suffer. I think apple at least help energize the PC makers. To illustrate my point, wait for a few months and you will hear that pc makers start the mass production and mass distribution of 64bit PCs just to counter Apple's move in that direction.

Without Apple's move 64bit PC would not go into mass production for another decade or so. As I said it's important in this sense that Apple survive. I may not buy an Apple but if somebody else is willing to pay for one, I won't discourage him.
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