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Postby SeMag » Thu Jul 10, 2003 10:35 pm

I say the Samurai is correct, after you travel and are open minded
you start understanding people better and not hating all of them
due to their race or customs, I was in france about 2 years ago, a lot
of people was nice, other were just plain rude, but not only to us
even between them and dont seem to care.

About Americans in other countries, I have travel with them, and
talked to people in other countries about American, they dont think
"here come the Americans, lets hate them because they have power'
is the way you behave in other countries that can get you in trouble,
so rude and making everybody else feel small, some Americans
know this and are open minded, they normally enjoy the trips more.

about embarrasment, uuhh, Mexicans and the French world cup,
horrble, just horrible.

Welcome to Tijuana..
Tequila, Sexo y Mariguana..

Welcome to Tijuana
Con el Coyote no hay Aduana...

Manu Chau.

Songs to be proud of......
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