Why AMD is right by doing XP#### Perf ratings.

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Post by barmouth »

Yep, for peace and quiet I run a PIII 600 with only the cpu fan and (double) psu fans. No case fan, nice and quiet, more or less unchanged temps. 2 years never switched off!
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Post by metsdada »

How about that previus note on a business rating and a gamer rating.

On the business side, the ratings would have to adjust, or maximize. Example.... if the speed linit is 25mph, Having a car enigine with 150hp or 400hp just doesn't matter. In this case, both engines would be rated he same.

On the gamer side, the fps seems like a good one, but again, if a game plays well at 100 fps..... and having a 400 fps doesn't make for a play difference in the game, the cpus would be rated the same.

The ratings would need to be made by a 'disinterested' 3rd party.

I have to tell you, my XP2500+ and my old P3 run Excel just the same. For home use, my P2-350 is absolutely fine.

Business rating P2-350 100, P3 110, XP2500+ 110

Games are different. Quake 2:

Game rating P2-350 100, P3 180 xp2500+ 400

These are just my 'gut' ratings.
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