Intel or AMD

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Intel or AMD for gaming, heavy internet use, and video editing?

Poll ended at Mon May 27, 2002 2:14 pm

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Intel or AMD

Postby jmstacey » Sun May 12, 2002 2:14 pm

I'm planning on building my own computer. Which would be a better cpu, intel or AMD? I know of the camps for each side so all I want is the advantages of one over the other and not just opinions because your a AMD fan. I'm a gamer, like lots of good graphics 8) . But I also edit videos and am a very, very heavy internet user :lol: .
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P4 for high end

Postby Hardware Junkie » Sun May 12, 2002 2:29 pm

I am sort of leaning to P4s these days if people are looking for video editing. There is a tad more power there to work with.
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Postby Aibohphobia » Sun May 12, 2002 3:12 pm

Yeah I agree with Hardware Junkie, Intels seem to run games, video editing and everything graphical faster for some reason?
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Video Card

Postby Hardware Junkie » Sun May 12, 2002 3:13 pm

Well most graphics are mostly dependant on the video card these days, but if you were to build comparitable systems with the same video card, the Intel would be in the lead for video editting, capture and rendering...
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Postby mike1_2001 » Sun May 12, 2002 3:51 pm

I'd say go with P4 for apps because some apps like Studio Max 4 is optimized for SSE2 and AMD XP for gaming & performance because of better floating point and higher framerates.
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Postby len444 » Sun May 12, 2002 9:04 pm

[both have their merits, though if amd wasn't around, cpus would be very expensive- still waiting on amd's .13 micron cpus?!?!?]
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definitely AMD

Postby undying fenix » Wed May 29, 2002 12:44 pm

For gaming and graphics, you would definitely want to go with AMD because their processors run a little faster. For video editing, the best choice is a Pentium. Pentiums are usually more compatible with high memory programs. I have seen no big difference between AMD and Pentium on the internet, but I think AMD would be a better choice because I have had both and AMD runs a little smoother and faster. So the processor that would work best for you is probably an AMD. Best of luck to whichever you choose! :D
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Postby GuKorean » Fri May 31, 2002 8:11 am

8O wheres the option for ibm powerPC? 8O
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Postby jay.elle » Mon Jun 24, 2002 5:49 am


How do you people think my spec is ??? I designed and built it myself for hopefully and i know this sounds daft but future proof even though we all know that our pcs are obselete as soon as you hand over you well earned cash or stolen credit cards...

CPU - AMD Athlon XP 2000+ ( with a coolermaster HC-001 - aka the whirlwind cooler )
RAM - 512 MB DDR PC2700 CL2 by OCZ
HD - Maxtor 740DX UDMA 133
VGA - MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4600 128MB
DVD/CDRW - Pioneer 16x and TDK 12x
Case - Lian-Li 60 ( its got a window that overlooks the sea of AMD and Nvidia )
K & M - Logitech Wireless Opticals

I managed to play about with tweaking it and got a nice 3dmark 2001 se of 10,766 !!! Quite impressive I thought but i'd love to make it a lil faster, any1 got any hints or advice...

I'm also thinking of installing some neons inside, the case is using rounded cabling for maximum airways as well as 7 fans in total :-)

Please write back with any hints or advice on tweakin...

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Postby datektrader21 » Tue Jun 25, 2002 3:49 pm

i say we rise up against amd and Intel by using MACs that will show them all AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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