To low level format or not

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To low level format or not

Postby len444 » Mon Jun 10, 2002 4:23 pm

As I have said (probably too often, sorry) modern drives do not need to be low-level formatted by the end user, and in fact cannot be LLFed outside the factory due to their precision and complexity. However, it seems that the need to LLF hard disks on the part of users has never gone away. Like some primordial instinct, many PC users seem to have a fundamental desire to LLF their modern disks. Maybe it is built into the genetic code in some way yet undiscovered. ;^) In fact, even if it were possible, the vast majority of the time that someone "needs" to LLF a hard disk today, it is not really necessary. Many users jump quickly to wanting to try an "LLF" whenever they have a problem with their hard disk, much the way many jump to re-installing their operating system whenever it gives them trouble.

:arrow: any war rhetoric regarding this? included a link to a full discussion- relates to older hard drives (where low level formatting was performed) and new hdd's where zero fill is performed (but not low level format). not really sure if something to rage about, but here it is! :twisted: ... ities.html
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Postby evasive » Wed Jun 26, 2002 4:11 pm

I have resorted only once to zero-filling a harddisk crossbrand, that's when I found out NEC had no such beast at the time and Seagate did. It still runs OK (the NEC harddisk that is). Noisy, but it still runs.

The way I see it: if your controller card has no ROM BIOS routine designed to do a low-level format, none of the IDE/ATA ones do AFAIK, low-level format should not be performed, use zero-fill.
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