which one should I buy the next AMD or next Intel ???

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Postby undying fenix » Tue Feb 18, 2003 8:20 pm

It's really not that hard of a descision. Either you can go with the crap (Intel), or you can get something actually worth your time (AMD). AMD may be slower in Ghz but it still kicks the crap outta Pentiums any day of the week.
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Postby Poronico » Tue Feb 18, 2003 8:21 pm

the only thing slower about amd is the number they put on the package, AMD processors are way faster than Pentium
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Re: slower???

Postby undying fenix » Tue Feb 18, 2003 8:27 pm

Poronico wrote:the only thing slower about amd is the number they put on the package, AMD processors are way faster than Pentium

Well thats what I was saying! A lot of people think that the AMD 2800 is 2800 Mhz, but its actually a bit lower than that, it's just that AMD is still able to beat Pentium in all their tests.
Hold that thought.
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Get an AMD

Postby jtcartboy » Mon Mar 03, 2003 4:17 am

I am running an Xp 1700 TB O/C from 1.47 to 1.86 GHZ and it runs very stable and my temps never pass 95 deg f. I got the chip on newegg for $41 and it runs very fast. Get an NForce 2 chipset with 2 sticks of pc 2700 ram and watch the machine fly once you run up the 1700 FSB to 166 from 133.

So clearly for the price get the AMD :D
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Postby gamepyrate » Mon Mar 03, 2003 6:11 am

the only thing slower about amd is the number they put on the package, AMD processors are way faster than Pentium

Phew glad I caught that. So AMD's are "way faster" than Pentiums? Well golly gee shucks, somebody rooting for the underdog, and without facts no doubt (this mistaken has been repeated through the ages by countless biased, uninformed dolts). Just because one generation of CPU's by company A performs "better" than the same generation CPU but in company B, doesn't make all of company A's superior. You have to consider the entire market and the time of buying, and obviously it then becomes a preference choice: "do I go with the cheaper product that compares with the competitor's product at a higher price?" and what not with all the different areas of use for the processor and system: video editing, gaming, audio programs, etc etc etc. But I'm sure anybody with half a brain has already considered these variables, and doesn't need to be taught to not use such generalizations as ____'s are way faster than _____.

Me? I personally will go with whatever. I'm really more interested in the chipset and motherboard of the system than the CPU, as today's systems will run most anything fast, but the feature-sets and extra goodies that lie in quality motherboards are what really count.
And in terms of today's highest-end CPUs, which basically would be the AMD XP3000+ vs. the Intel P4 3.06ghz w/ HT, I'd pick the Intel. It has Hyper-threading; better line of quality chipsets from a variety of makers; the ability for RDRam; and I'd say the package is better all-around.

But the person who started the topic, it depends on what you mean by "next". Next as in a few months from now, or next as in later on today. From what I gather the future AMD 64-bit solution may crumble to pieces by lack of support or the inability to deliver the promised product, or it will be "leading" the industry in its supposedly more advanced abilities vs. the Intel.
Things change.
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who runs the fastest most stable system

Postby chronicse7en » Mon Mar 03, 2003 3:58 pm

maximum just put the test on mac amd and intel with the dual motherboards fastest ram and added stability
who won hands downs was intel almost double amd score
sorry amd work on it you one the 1ghz war and thats it, as for
nvidia which is in the same corner has a chance to make a comeback and I think they will but not like they used to be,not for awhile

as my last words for amd: like everyone says amd is for gaming but we do more than gaming and if my intel can do gaming and lead my applications Ill pay more

cause like the rabbit says "trix are for kids" :lol:

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Postby barmouth » Mon Mar 03, 2003 7:00 pm

I've always wanted to buy amd, but every time I do the research and the sums, intel come out ahead.
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Postby charibdis » Mon Mar 03, 2003 9:59 pm

i'd go with AMD. I've had 2 AMD's thusfar, and no problems at all. And people say they run too hot. Come on, sure it runs a few degrees hotter but it's not like you're going to burn yourself on the case. Everybody wants good cooling. And if you're well informed you'll keep it running smooth.

My average temps on my 1800XP with the FSB oc'd to 143MHz runs at approximately 43-45C under load. (highest it's ran at under stress tests was 50C) Now I installed CPUIdle 6 last night, and the CPU runs at 29C idle, and average temp while browsing and just doing simple stuff like browsing through the hard drive brings the temp to 32C. And all I'm using is an Arkua cooler (I forget the model number) nothing fancy. With the 8 fans (4 case, 2 psu, cpu and vpu fan) in the case it's not the quietest, but the most noise comes from the 2 raided 7200RPM drives.

even last night I got my cpu running at 1.70GHz (from 1.53GHz) for a little while (before it crashed) but idle temps were 42C without CPUIdle.
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Postby gamepyrate » Mon Mar 03, 2003 10:11 pm

Here is my current system specs:
Shuttle AK37GTR KT400 board
XP 1800+ AMD CPU w/ Volcano 7 HSF @ always high speed
Kingmax 256mb PC2700 RAM @ CL 2.5
Gigabyte Maya II Radeon 9500 Pro (w/ driver mod :D that gives speed comparable to Radeon 9700 reg.)
Three 7200RPM hard drives: ATA-100 Western Digital 2mb cache 80 gigabyte; ATA-100 Quantum(Maxtor) Fireball 2mb cache 40gigabyte; ATA-66 IBM 32 gigabyte with 2mb cache.

While maybe not the leader in terms of today's price/performance systems, it's not a bad system and I'm satisfied with it. If I hadn't bought it a while ago, and instead spent the money on an Intel P4 system today, I'd be happier but you have to play the game without believing the hearsay and instead objectively researching before you buy anything (unless you want to get ripped off and/or get yourself in to technical support deep $%^!@#).

I'm tired of "sides" forming over such an ignorant battle as CPU manufacturers (or VGA, MB, RAM etc.) in today's electronic society--yes this is actually something I have seen a lot of lately, online and in person, and hopefully through my upcoming rant some of you will either cope with me in this everyday occurence. Or if you are in fact the person that I paint (or indirectly verbally abuse), you will maybe change your evil ways. Or of course if you are oblivious to what I will say you can just say "WTF!!11 Sp33x0rz 3ng1i5h l@m3r ROFLMAOL" and forget about it as fast as possible--I envy this type of person.

I actually wear an AMD black t-shirt on occasion (I got it for free 8) ) and almost every time a guy'll come up to me and start regurgitating technical information--that he probably heard from some salesman that sold this jack-ass an over-priced generic Intel computer at one time--about the obvious inferiority of AMD's CPU line (I'm sure it'd be twice as vicious of a personal assault if it were an Intel T-shirt and an AMD fanatic, but that's a different story). And I'm just at awe at how these truths I hear eliminate all competition and are told to me as if they are absolutely foreign to me, and how prideful this person must be to know all of this. Normally even a quick talk with one of these types will make you lose all faith in humanity.

That's just one situation, involving a topic that's germane to this forum, but there's countless boobs out there that like to tell you what they've been told; they're essentially "fact" carriers in that they take in and believe the first thing they hear, and when their personal opinions are challenged by someone else they will force all of this stored, pointless one-sided bile out of their mouths--which all originally came out of somebody else's--and never consider that they, in fact, are idiots, that can't tell an opinion unless it has been told to them.

Back to the dippy who will come up to me now and then. He's probably the same type of guy that always votes Republican even if he doesn't know who he's voting for nor why--he doesn't care to think about what this choice means, but, hell! he's been a Republican-only voter since his father was, and change in his stance may actually require thinking, and contemplating, and a brain (oh my!) Rather than going any further in to wasting my time trying enlighten a boob of this level of arrogance, I simply smile and nod, and think to myself something along the lines of this quote:

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it - even if I have said it - unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. "

My main point is: never become a fanboy for someone else's side.
[edit: ugh, I had spent like 10 minutes and made some big changes by starting to "edit" the post, but my IE crashed somehow and all were lost. Damn AMD computers and their inherent instability :o ]
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Postby lshawelu » Fri Mar 07, 2003 5:45 pm

I don't understand why people are so attached to companies. These big companies could care less about you just as long as your buying their products. Whether it's Chevy or Ford, Playstation or Xbox/Gamecube, AMD or Intel, ATI or Nividia, Coke or Pepsi the list goes on and on. Some people go on to say that they hate the other company. Why? Did they do anything personally to you. I just don't understand. Those of you who are taking sides are missing out on a lot of good things. Me, I get everything. I don't have a bias. I have a Playstation 2 an Xbox and a Gamecube. I get the best games for each and play them. You PS2 fanboys who say everything else sucks are missing out. I have an Intel machine and I'm actually in the process of building an AMD machine. I like the new Barton cores and I think they'll run great. So the real winners here are those who are open minded enough to try new things. Loyalty does not do anyone any good except the companies you support. If you want to be loyal go and support your local sports team. Go Red Wings!!! ( I know I live in California)
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