The UK has voted - Leave the European Union...

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Re: The UK has voted - Leave the European Union...

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Mr T wrote:
olly wrote:Spare a thought for me Mr T. A brit living in Finland with permanent residency based on the UK being in the EU. I wasn't even allowed to vote :D
I had the same issue, a Scot living in England, could not vote in our own referendum on Scottish independence... :D The thing is now though it is all done, and its time to move on and see what happens... The next big thing is going to be the US Presidential race.. Trump or Hilary C?....
Yes we have to move on. I will be applying for Finnish citizenship in the mid term future.

Regarding Trump i'm convinced he's going to win. It seems the Americans are constantly being told why they can't vote for him. I don't think Americans like being told what they can and can't do.
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