Windows 10

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Windows 10

Post by c327 »

Well just an advanced PC home user going back to Windows 98 and everything since then. The last bad computer dream I had was with Windows ME, at least that was until I used Windows 10.

I can ask why but I probably know the answer why did Microsoft bring out a new O.S. so complicated and so intrusive. From my point of view Windows XP was fine for me even with all the hot fixes. Why couldn't they just improve it where it needed improving and if they wanted to do something brilliant just change the Windows splash screen.

To my knowledge Microsoft still supplies full support to commercial Windows XP users through out the world but for pay $$$$. It's complicated and a pain in the a-- just navigating through Windows 10. I don't exactly have scrambled eggs for brains but this Windows 10 is junk IMO.

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Re: Windows 10

Post by rascard2007 »

I agree with U, XP could be alive longer. I think there is a kind of conspiracy between Hardware and Software manufacturers in order to push the users to buy the latest hard if they want to run the latest OS, is bussiness, simply

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Re: Windows 10

Post by Karlsweldt »

Win XP was and still is one of the better OS versions from M$. The ancient "DOS 4.0" was a fiasco, and quickly redone. Win ME was a "strange" entity, trying to be two versions in one. Vista was not a great offering. Not all users were happy. Following versions did not change much in structure. But there is a time limit where 'improvements' are no longer feasible, and an entirely new platform is needed. But a dang shame that the programmers of Win 10 did not think through all the options, instead creating a system more suited to tablets and similar devices.. not the real home PC setup. And with all the gee-wow and useless apps that are just dumped on you. No options or choice as to what is installed? Not everyone is a "social media" freak! Understandably, there are maybe 8 versions of Win 10.. excluding those versions for use in other countries where certain features are not allowed. The Win 10 "Pro" and "Enterprise" versions may be appropriate for business use, but have lost the persona of older versions.
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Mr T
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Re: Windows 10

Post by Mr T »

Problem is you can only bug fix and patch software so far before a rewrite is in order, plus advancing hardware generally requires newer software. After using various operating systems, they have their merits. XP was good in its time, but is only 32bit - no good for modern hardware. Also the stuff running behind the scenes is old, hackable, vunerable and so on.. My view, look at what you use your PC for and suit the latest operating system to it.. Macs aside, if you surf the web and watch a few films try Linux with Firefox, Kodi, VLC and the like.. If you run windows specific stuff and wish to play blu ray's (easily) look at windows.
Most people use phones and tablets as they are mobile, convenient and pretty easy to use. The desktop PC is not very popular anymore and you see the operating systems reflecting that as they streamline to suit all devices. Me, I like desktops, but I'm the minority, just look at all the people when you are out and about, this is the era of the smartphone! As for M$, if they don't sort things out, they will fall by the wayside and be swallowed up by some other tech giant!
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