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Re: Trump

Post by Roach412 »

When less than half of the eligible voters actually vote, everyone loses...and it's not the electoral college's fault. It's simply the electorate's fault.

Our country is stupid, and our 2-party system is a joke. The results really don't matter, as either one are terrible...which is why so few people actually care, or vote. They really only care when their ignoring of the system results in an outcome which they don't like - in which case they complain like crazy.

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Re: Trump

Post by evasive »

..and now large groups of people realize what the actual meaning is of Obamacare and complain they don't get money anymore. A bit like the yes-voters for the Brexit from areas that were largely subsidized by the EU...

one a final note, anyone that doesn't know (or doesn't WANT to know) history is deemed to repeat it. I have to say this is for the first time since a long time I have seen such a strong fascist leader. Mostly they are ousted during the election process because people can see the endsolution. This one however has been hiding HIS agenda (not the people's, not the govenrment's) very well.

Best of luck in the USA, you will need it, now more than ever.
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