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Postby Parn » Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:30 am

Too bad I lost the pwd for rehevkor and can't log back in...
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Postby sum1sp3cial » Fri Mar 21, 2003 2:29 am

being a kid myself... or atleast...still thinking like one id like to add my two cents over the porn issue-

Pornography is now a very strong part of western culture, this has probably been due to the fact that not only is it so appealing... especially to males, but it has become much more accesible in modern times (due to the internet) and has also become more acceptable. At schools people talk openly about pornography, and at parties with their mates teens dont mind wipping out the odd porn movie or checkin some out on the net. In my opinion this can be positive to a teens development... other than in the case of degrading or violent porn. It can also be very detrimental in a teenagers development- teens find sex not a sensual thing- but more a goal/cool thing- so pornography has indeed changed not only our culture... but the deepest of ingrained attitudes-our attitude towards sensual, loving, sex-showing love for one another- to that of the seeking of pleasure-
if anyone disagrees with me, i would love to hear their arguments... as i know little in the great scheme of things-
Strange that we all defend our wrongs with more vigor than we do our rights.
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