USA - Cuba Relationships

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USA - Cuba Relationships

Post by rascard2007 »

I really think it´s time for a new approach....

Historic thaw in U.S., Cuba standoff
By Alexandra Jaffe and Elise Labott, CNN
updated 4:31 PM EST, Wed December 17, 2014

President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. The move will ease economic and travel restrictions with the island nation
Cuban President Raul Castro hailed the move

Washington (CNN) -- A political standoff that spanned five decades and 10 presidents began to crumble Wednesday with President Barack Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba.

The announcement was the product of a year of clandestine back-channelling between the U.S. and Cuba, facilitated by the Canadians and the Vatican and with personal involvement from the Pope.

"Today, America chooses to cut loose the shackles of the past, so as to reach for a better future for the Cuban people, for the American people, for our entire hemisphere and for the world," Obama said in a statement announcing his decision.

He added: "It's time for a new approach."

Obama said he's instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to immediately begin discussions with Cuba to re-establish diplomatic relations, and that the U.S. will re-open an embassy in Havana. The administration will also allow some travel and trade that had been banned under a decades-long embargo instated during the Kennedy administration.

"Neither the American nor Cuban people are well-served by a rigid policy that's rooted in events that took place before most of us were born," Obama said.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for all of us at both sides of the Florida Strait
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Re: USA - Cuba Relationships

Post by Karlsweldt »

Hopefully, the result is good for all. Someday, all the people of the world might live in harmony and peace.
Trade of produce and equipment both ways, plus travel, should be fair and equal.
But there still may be petty despots in other countries that look to instill violence and hatred among the peoples.

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Re: USA - Cuba Relationships

Post by bdub »

the only people that are unhappy with this development are the people that think they own something that the socialist govt of cuba took from them when they took over in the 50's. it's long gone, give it up... let's look forward to renewed interactions with cuba!
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