The Real Words............................

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The Real Words............................

Post by CivilDissent »

And, now we know the real words to that good 'ole country song All My Exes and it goes something like this "........All My Taxes start with Obama".

I just cannot believe that anyone would not believe that even if businesses had to 'pay' for the latest fiasco, whether it was a penalty a tax or whatever, that businesses would not just pass it down as higher prices, payments, etc.

Also, the coup de gras is that even people in the US illegally will benefit from it. Some minor thinking sums it up......less people paying in (as those who are here illegally do not pay in because the government does not know they are here) pay more therefore raising the cost of medical even higher to those who ARE known to be here.

Lookout China we are coming to join you in your government style.
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Re: The Real Words............................

Post by rascard2007 »

If China has a bad government style then why are they the top economical power in the world and the prime commercial partner of YOUR motherland.

hint: if you feel bad just secede
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