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Postby EvLwMn » Tue Dec 10, 2002 7:03 pm

av8r wrote:In the past, I've not had many dealings with utilities and things that don't come included in the OS or applications.
I think the last time I used a utility program (or similar) was XtreeGold.

(from so long ago that the programmer wrote/chiselled it in rock.)

What is Speed disk exactly?

As for As for EvLwMn's comment about her-in-doors teaching me. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Best just shoot me now! Messiness and clutter are my Character. 8)

OMG!! XtreeGold!! I remember (and used quite frequently) that utility! I haven't heard than name in ................ ages! Still have a copy of it on that old Dinosaur computer of mine!

Yes old dogs CAN learn new tricks - they do it all the time! :wink:
"You can't go to Windows Update and get a patch for stupidity." - Kevin Mitnick
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Postby av8r » Wed Dec 11, 2002 2:48 am

Ah EvLwMn, we must stop meeting like this!

I still have xtree gold slouching around in a pile of floppies somewhere.

DOS! Nostalgia!! 8.3 limitations. Those were the days!

Being a poor unfortunate techie-come-out of work pilot, I have learnt one invaluable new trick recently.
I can now Beg! and make pitiful whining sounds. Admittedly, the latter I was well versed in anyway.
Hopefully someone will throw me a bone soon...

I was thinking of changing my alias to Mongrel. whadayathink?

PS. Norton utils going on chrissy wishlist.

While we are at it. Why does outlook express take so long to display a connection window sometimes?
Answers on the back of a fifty quid note, or a hundred dollar bill, please. :lol:
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Postby Mr T » Wed Dec 11, 2002 9:13 am

av8r - sending you answer on a £50 note courtesy of monopoly!! :D ....Have you disabled the messenger plug - in in outlook?
Mr T
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Postby av8r » Wed Dec 11, 2002 11:51 am

Yo Mr.T, whats that, plug the messenger?
No I haven't. There's a good reason too. What is it?
Another confession coming up. I am not exactly a mastermind when it comes to OS/software and getting them to work well. My tech abilities are applied purely to the hardware, and repairing things that most people chuck away, and generally taking an engineering approach to diagnosing electronic faults.
So, the messenger plug in is news to me.

This string began when I recently reconfigured my HDD. One of the problems I had before was that Outlook Express had been getting slower when first opening it up and pressing connect.
So I did the Fdisk/partition/Format and reloaded. Lo and behold, outlook express was very sprightly again. But after a few days, it started to get slower again. But not all the time!?

Just for the record, My machine spec is now:
AMD 1600+, (Running 1400MHz)
GByte GA7ZXE, onboard sound,
512MB PC133,
S3 savage 4 pro/32MB AGP
Maxtor 20GB, 3 partitions 5/5/10 ATA100 cable
300watts psu

I am going to try the Norton stuff as soon as funds allow, but other info and advice greatfully received.
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