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Interesting link

Postby sloopdog 1 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:11 pm

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sloopdog 1
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Postby thomas_w_bowman » Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:32 am

Cost of Bank Bailouts (since 2009) est at $4 Trillion... ... t.fortune/

Cost of Cap and Trade (Tax), about $12,000 annually per family. ... _12000_pe/

Job losses: 1.8 to 7 million
Family tax increase: $739 to $6,752
Electricity cost increases: 44 to 129 percent
Gasoline price increases: 61 cents to $2.53 per gallon
Natural gas increases: 108 to 146 percent ... nu-43/1050

Cost of simply operating the IRS annually - $11.095 billion. (The White House’s proposed IRS budget for fiscal 2008)

Total Annual Cost for Welfare paid to California Illegals exceeds $1 billion.

Great idea - let's list how our Government spends our Money... after they know how to do that better than you or I... ... -know.html
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Postby Ginns » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:30 pm

That is pretty interesting stuff. I passed it around my group. Thanks.
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