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evasive wrote:Ha and you thought McCain was not going to be facing the exact same problem and would react completely different?
No, I knew McCain would be facing the exact same problem, but, most would have expected that Republicans would end up along that line. On the opposite end, Obama is supposed to be the great one that will solve everything so we will have to see. BTW, the problems that I pointed to, in my previous post, will be occurring right at the end of Obama's second term, if he has one.
evasive wrote:No matter what way you look upon the facts: the USA is very close to going broke. It is now completely dependent on the good faith of the rest of the world.
No argument there. My understanding is when a country, such as the US, goes into debt, it relies on world banks, etc. for loans, etc. You are absolutely correct.
Copper wrote:GWB the man who bankrupt the world

reap what you sow
Even if the US were completely without debt, we will be $2,950,000,000,000.00 in debt very soon. Also, if the US is going to keep Social Security, the US debt is going to go up substantially anyway.

And, the comment about Congress is right on. Wasn't it Nancy Pelosi who said she was going to get a hold on things and straighten things out?

One good thing about the next 4 years is that everything good and bad, notice the bad, will be the responsibility of the Democrats. Democrats have had a field day, up to now, blaming Bush and the Republicans for everything. Well, it is about to get good because every bad thing better get blamed on the Democrats, in the next 4 years. That includes shrinking the US deficit, bringing the troops home, instantly, on January 21, the day after he takes office (although he has already said that he will put more troops in Afghanistan), making us all millionaires, solving all racial problems, etc., etc.

It is going to be fun to watch "the Change" that we are so excitedly expecting. Mmmm mmmph, I cannot wait.
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as i said before, best of luck...
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