We'll survive Obama – before a President Palin

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A favorite quote from Will Rogers:
Be Glad you don't get all the Government you're paying for.
The best way out of the economic problems is probably for the Government to stop trying to 'manage' it, perhaps reduce tax RATES (which may just increase Tax REVENUE).

What we're doing now looks like we'll add another Trillion$ to the projected (October 2008-October 2009) Fed budget deficit of something well over a Trillion$ already...So BEWARE of taxing "those rich suckers", because if we survive the inflation - we'll all be Millionaires, and paying $20 for a loaf of Bread...and the top Income tax rates as long as we focus on 'Class Warfare' and 'restribution of income' (which provides incentives for welfare recipients to not work as well as incentives for folks with REALLY big $ to simply leave or at least do business 'offshore').
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