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Matt Whitlock
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Forum Migration Status

Post by Matt Whitlock »

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you all know that the migration to our new web servers is complete. Some of you may still get pages served from the old webserver until DNS propagates fully. That usually takes less than 48 hours. If the forum 'feels' a heck of a lot faster for you, then you're probably already being served from our new hardware.

No posts or messages should have been lost during the migration process.

This change should also lay to rest the problems we've had with unplanned/unexpected downtime over the past few months. Thank you to all for your patience and understanding.

More upgrades are coming, too.

The forum software will be getting an upgrade to a significantly newer version of phpbb, which will bring many new features and enhancements for all of you.

Next, we'll begin working on a new skin for the forum that hopefully helps give it a more modern feel. We'll make it selectable from the user profile when it's good enough to preview and collect feedback.

I hate spam more than anyone, so expect the spam fighting tools here to get an upgrade. I'll be working with the moderation staff to put the right tools in place to fight off junk users and spam.

And these are only the beginning. Lots more to come.
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Post by Karlsweldt »

Welcome news!
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Post by fussnfeathers »

:D finally...we get some REAL tools to work with.
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