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Postby Karlsweldt » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:12 am

Nice to see our Forum is 'back to normal'.
Not possible to do a 100% filter on all ads.. unless they are "dissected" by an AV program, and any URL tags checked. Many hackers will send single packets out, they appear innocent.. until a program is fully sent, then a key cookie does the damage!
A warning about those pop-up ads for programs.. if you tic the "X" box, they may still do a DL to your system!! Look on the task bar.. if the window is noted there, right-click then 'close' it.
Be suspicious about any LAN or Web activity via your SysTray box icon.. unless you have initiated a process! Yes, many programs do an auto-update search. But your IP address may be randomly keyed by auto-dialers to check if your system is fully guarded or vulnerable. Keep your AV and Firewall programs up-to-date. The icon for your AV program in the SysTray box should not be marked with a red "X" at any time. If so, some hacker has deactivated it!!!!!!
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