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Hey Kanton...Gym in middle-school...YES!!! I'm in 8th grade and my school goes from 7th-12th...everyone has gym still....I wish we didn't...
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Post by andrey »

in Portland, there is mandatory gym in middle school, and only freshman gym in highschool. there is elective P.E. after your freshman year if you wish to take gym again.
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Well just so I let the cat out of the bag. I just turned 22. :D

With reguards to Gym class, yes they still do have it. But now in some places in California kids get their excercise by playing video games and get credit for it...

Anybody remember Dance Dance Revolution?

Here's a link to prove I am not kidding...
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Ughhh... I hate that game with a passion... Plus you look so damn goofy playing it.
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Heres another old fart.
We only had the luxury of an Abacus when i went to hell sorry school, and we had to save up to buy the beads to put on it.

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When I went to high school we had TRS 80's and you had to be a geek galore to actually understand how to get the things to work. I mean who the hell cared about a (for next loop) when a cheerleader was sitting next to you with her hooties half hangin out :twisted: :twisted:

Those were the days :twisted: :twisted:

That was back in 1985 for me and after that I didn't buy my 1st pc until 1998 and that was a good ole' Emachine, with a p-rated 266 cyrix, what a speed demon. :lol:

Now, when my wife is not looking, I buy parts and build my own, what a rush!!!! :D
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TypeWriters? When my son was in Kider, he called them "Hand Printers."

I even owned a slide rule.

And listened to songs about Bertha Butt and the Butt sisters. (COME HERE!!)
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kanton wrote:I'm i the only one here over 30 :?:
When I went to high school, we had no such thing as a :?: Computer :idea: We only had typing class on real typewriters. When's the last time you saw one of those things in an office :?:
Yeah, the only computer we had in the whole school was a trash80 and none of the students were allowed to touch it - well only the little geek who helped out in the office was allowed to touch it. That computer was only for the teachers and then hardly any of them used it. We also had to type on real typewriters and incidently, my place of employment has 3 of them - old IBM Selectric II's. We use them for filling out forms with carbonless copies. Sometimes we need things in quadruplicate and such and don't have certain forms on the computer. :roll: What can I say?

I bought my first computer in 1991 - it was a 386 (OOOOOH) with 256k onboard RAM (really OOOOOOH) and at the time was top of the line. I had a 40 MB hard disk (yes that's MEG) and you were told that you'd *NEVER* us up that much space :!: HA :!: :!:

So no, you're not the only one here over 30.
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