OverClocking VideoCards

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OverClocking VideoCards

Postby spraks » Thu May 30, 2002 12:59 pm

well i plan to buy a GAINWARD/CARDEXPERT GEFORCE2 Ti450 and ppl say that they can overcloak the video card even higher as high as a geforce 3... any1 noe how to do this before i buy it?
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Postby somedude » Thu May 30, 2002 1:22 pm

Dude, the only way I know is after you buy it. :wink:
Usually, overclocking a card is achieved by increasing the bus speed, which increases the PCI and AGP speed. That means you'll be overclocking the cpu as well. Most mobos and/or cpu's don't like overclocking, so it depends a lot on your mobo and cpu.
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Postby Bulldog » Fri May 31, 2002 5:50 am

You go to asite and download either coolbits, NVtweak or Riva Tuner, and that allows you to use non WHQL drivers and sets up a overclocking utility,that allows for memory and core adjustments depending on how serious you are at OC the easiest 1 is coolbits,then NV,then Riva tuner you can get more out of card with lasr 2 but settings take some reading to really tweak to prefectionhttp://www.guru3d.com has all your answers
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