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Postby Strider » Sat Oct 29, 2005 7:22 pm

For the past few days I have posted about my Zalman screaming
but now I have a new problem. I replaced the Zalman with the stock
HSF and the temps are through the roof. I cleaned the cpu with
alcohol in the same way I have always have, and then put AS-5
on the same way I have in the past and both the ASUS Probe
and MBM are saying the CPU temp is 77/78c. The mobo temp is
35/36c, which is lower than usual. The cpu is not overclocked
and I am at a loss. Back when the stock HSF was installed I did
not have MBM or the ASUS Probe activated so I don't know what
the temps should be but I find it hard to believe they should be
this high. HELP.


Yes I did clean the intake fans (120mm) while the case was open,
and everything else seemed to be in order.
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Postby quingoff » Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:02 pm

dude that proc must have a death wish, its thinking, "Take me back computer Gods" hahaha :lol:

Personally the moment I would have seen it spike to that temp not even that, if my proc went past 50 something C I would turn it off and reset the H/F again if it was a steady high temp, if that doesnt work reinstall the probe software, and if that doesn't work then God have mercy on ur computer hahahaha...Plug in a flat temp sensor in there if ya got one, or go buy one, or theres always a new H/F possiblity

EDIT: Thought of something sure its not 77/78 F? not C
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Postby Strider » Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:30 pm


Thanks for the reply. Basically I am an idiot and am my own worst
enemy. As I was putting the OEM fan on I noticed that there was a
disc in the floppy drive and I think that might have been making all
the noise, and not the Zalman. Today I reassembled the Zalman
and put it back on.....without taking the mobo out.....and cautiously
turned the box on.......and nothing. No screaming, no meltdown,
just three fans spinning as they have done for months on end.
The temps are now back at 40c for the cpu and the mobo is at
33c, which is lower than in the past. I still can't explain the temps
I had with the OEM fan but right now things seem to be fine.
Thanks for the reply, and yes the temps were in celsius.

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Postby DAVE1 » Sun Oct 30, 2005 4:36 pm

lol sounds like something any one would have overlooked

i would have thought it was the fan too
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