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Postby macbak » Sat Jan 29, 2005 2:25 pm

seems a little lock ups.
Thanks for the tip
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Postby WoodyJR33 » Sun Jan 30, 2005 10:22 pm

Sweet man, thanks for the tip. Definitely makes a difference :lol:
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Postby derylle » Mon Jan 31, 2005 11:05 pm

i didnt notice a difference...maybe i will...thanks for the tip though....
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Postby kltsin » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:28 pm

Anyone that had previous (this includes 1.0Beta and lower) versions of FF than 1.0 should have uninstalled the other before hand to clear up any possible issues that may have a risen.
If not you can do a clean install.
Heres How (taken from mozilla forums)

Mozilla Firefox 1.0
How to perform a clean installation.

1. Uninstall any previous version(s) of Firefox. In Windows use the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

For ZIP builds -- Delete the folder where firefox.exe runs from and also follow the steps below.

2. Create a backup of your Profile. You can simply copy everything to another folder on your hard drive (and this gives Firefox the ability to retrieve your prior settings, bookmarks, etc).

3. Delete your existing profile. This link provides methods for locating your profile systems among the many operating systems Firefox supports. Delete all profile folders. ... ile_Folder

4. Install Firefox 1.0 with as little as possible running on your PC. You can reboot your PC so you have a fresh start and don't start any other work until you Install 1.0 successfully.

5. Copy key settings back from your prior profiles. From your Backup Profile folder (created in step #2), copy over bookmarks.html, cookies.txt, hostperm.1, key3.db, signon.txt, formhistory.dat and user.js from your backup to your newly created profile.

This may fix some issues with FF, also note that even doing this sometimes wont help.
There seems to be a memory issue of some sorts with FF, minimizing then maximising may possiply clear it up.

Also reports of high CPU usage are coming in, generally if you have a 1 or 20 tabs open, its just one of those pages that is causing this issue, once that page is closed the cpu is freed.

Some have issues with flash ads.

Also note that you should not enter data in a browser page until it completely finishes loading, such as replying to a thread and typing away while the page is downloading a banner AD.
This may have something to do with not doing a clean install as well, (this PC does not have any issue as I did the above clean install but I do wait for the pages to load now (dial up..), the other two have not and had alot of issues with high cpu)
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Postby kltsin » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:59 pm

I also wanted to expand on the initial post.

1. Type "about:config" in the adress field.
2. Set the value of network.http.pipelining to "true".
3. Set the value of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to "100".
4. Set the value of network.http.proxy.pipelining to "true"
5. Set the value of nglayout.initialpaint.delay to "0" if it is present

Do just as YouGiveMeRash explained, but do the following as well.

If step 5 isnt there
Right-click anywhere and select New-> Integer.
Name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set its value to 0. (This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.)

set "browser.turbo.enabled" to "True"

This step (turbo) can help broadband users only (as far as I know, Im on dial up :oops: )

set "browser.turbo.enabled" to "True"

This step (turbo) can help broadband users only

This is incorrect.
What this does is preload parts of mozilla when windows boots.

Turbo Mode also known as Quick Launch in Mozilla software is comparable to how IE preloads and has such quick load times since its already partially loaded, this may put a minor strain on old systems as it resides in memory, albiet not much.
I still have yet to test it as I am researching some issues with FF and cant touch the about:config for testing result reasons.
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Postby YouGiveMeRash!!! » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:05 pm

I would add it myself, but since its a sticky, I dont think I have the power to change my post without permission of a mod.

I think it would be best for a mod to add the tweaks.
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Postby Black Wolf » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:31 pm

Thanks Rash.
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Postby snap355 » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:59 pm

good info
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Postby kltsin » Mon Feb 07, 2005 11:09 pm

YouGiveMeRash!!! wrote:I would add it myself, but since its a sticky, I dont think I have the power to change my post without permission of a mod.

I think it would be best for a mod to add the tweaks.

I agree, also I wanted to point out some things.
I have been researching FF pretty hard.
I updated my previous reply just a few posts up.

(EDIT) The Following quote is from a FireFox developer form his/her own site, I lost the link and who wrote it but its from a very reputable source. I forgot to add this info in my initial post.

Yes, enabling HTTP pipelining can dramatically improve networking performance. The downside, and the reason it's not enabled by default, is that it can prevent Web pages from displaying correctly. If you've enabled this, and you find pages that aren't displaying correctly, please don't blame Firefox or the Web developer. It's probably the fact that you enabled an "unsupported" feature which is incompatible with some Web servers and proxy servers.

The second change, setting the initial paint delay at zero, may get you some content on the screen faster, but it's worth noting that it will dramatically slow down the time it takes the entire page to display. Here's what's going on. Gecko, Firefox's rendering engine, is trying to optimize between the cost of waiting for a bit more data versus doing more painting and reflows as new data comes in. Waiting a bit longer before it starts painting the page gives Gecko a chance to receive more content before chewing up CPU cycles to render and reflow the document. If you drop this value down to zero or near zero, that means you'll see the page start displaying a bit earlier, but not having received much data in that short interval, you'll have a lot more paint and reflow cycles to complete rendering of the page.

This one probably comes down to a combination of bandwidth, CPU speed, and personal preference. If it works for you, and you don't mind the side-effects, then great. Just note that what works for one person/system, may not work for another."

Also your initial post has the max requests set to high
Set the value of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to "100".

A better number is 30, too many requests makes some servers unresponsive
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Postby ilusha55 » Sun Feb 20, 2005 5:11 pm

Well, I would like to make a statement here
IE is a more solid browser than FF or Mozilla IMHO.

The Auto fill feature is irreplaceable in my opinion - Mozilla just got some sort of clone but it doesn’t work the way it is meant. Then, in IE you have the "memory" that catches everything that is typed and recall it every time you type something similar (in Google for example).

You say: the speed. I say that most of pages are developed for IE and I think they will be for long time (Microsoft is a chief).

Then you may say extensions: well, once I needed a site (this to be exact to play a piece of music when I clicked. You may think I downloaded an extension and OK. No! I got all of them checked and downloaded (which is not a good thing either). Neither WMP nor Winamp got this music streaming and I got so tired of always searching for "extension" that I used IE for a first time over a long period of time.

It is low speed browser - but it works
I mean when I make a transaction over an Internet I just can’t trust Firefox which extensions are made by its own users. Just can’t. I am sure each person has his own site where he just closes FF and goes to IE because of some sort of trust in IE. There’s this wave of Firefox being the best browser - but it doesn’t mean that IE got worse. And even the version 7 is coming this summer.

For an ending go here --} and observe with your Firefox.
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