How to make Mozilla Firefox even faster!

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How does it work??

Post by Justin »

i know it works, but im not quite shure what it does, does anybody know?? ive got guesses, but it does work
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Post by SnyperX »

I'm not seeing a difference, maybe I'm just clueless and it is there I just can't see it, so who knows lol, it's already fast and my comp is fast and my internet is fast, so I guess if it doesnt make it faster I can live lol
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Post by Ghen »

I'm not seeing any difference either. I doubt though that my browser is the bottleneck in my system with 2 computers downloading video constantly and this one being so slow to start with. Oh well :) Its still faster than IE at loading code, its just very transparent with picture loading which makes it look old school (IE 4.0)
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Post by YouGiveMeRash!!! »

With those of you that have a super fast PC and broadband, i dont think you will be able to tell much difference.

Works awesome on dial-up though!
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Post by John-K »

I have broadband, and it does seem a bit faster. Thanks for the tip!

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Post by Davek804 »

niice, this did add a nice speed boost.
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Post by knotman »

i did it on my puter too i got dsl and it is faster thanx
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Post by PolarMan »

Excellent stuff, my browser seems to be noticeably faster a loading pages over my DSL. :D
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Post by olly »

Thanks great stuff 8)
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Post by gonetribal »

My P3 benefitted quite a bit but my P4 laptop didn't make much difference :)

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