Faulty motherboard

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Faulty motherboard

Post by Rpbros »

Wonder if anyone can help me. I’m trying to get my old pc to work and there was what seemed like no power. I replaced the psu with one that was known to work and nothing. After some messing I found that once I unplugged a 4 pin plug that’s next to the processor then it powers up, when I plug the plug back in I get a click from the plug area and it shuts down. I’m assuming the motherboard is finished but can someone verify that for me please? Can’t add picture as file is too large but the plug is 4 pin 2 up 2 down and has jpw1 next to it
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Re: Faulty motherboard

Post by evasive »

That is odd behaviour indeed. That 4pin plug is auxilary 12V power for the motherboard. You need to make sure it is in there in the right orientation, otherwise you short +12V and GND which is not healthy.

Another thing to try is replacing the CR2032 coin cell battery, if that goes completely flat, the board may refuse to boot as well.
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