Gmail & Outlook 2016 Not Getting Along

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Gmail & Outlook 2016 Not Getting Along

Post by c327 »

Hello folks,
Happy belated thanksgiving to everyone.
What I have:
A 5 year old Sager Clevo core i7 laptop running Windows 10 Pro. It has a pretty fast CPU and plenty of ram and a lot remaining memory on its 500gb SSD. I do not game and I do not do risky browsing and this PC is as clean as one would want. I know your going to ask why I have this kind of laptop? Its my second Sager laptop that works very well. The problem I am having is strange and one that quite a few other Windows PC users have as well but know one seems to have a fix for it.

Installed Utilities:
Windows 10 Pro
Windows Defender
Malwarebytes Premium (pay version)
Super Anti Spyware (free)
CCleaner (free)
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 a one time pay version $160.00 Which includes Outlook 2016 which I use.

The Problem:
I have Gmail installed which in it self works fine, always did. When I got this laptop (new) I installed MS Office and activated it. I then set up Outlook 2016 to work with my Google Gmail. All worked well for years until recently. Now every time I open Outlook it keeps asking me to log into Gmail before I can get my new Gmail email which is a pain in the butt and very annoying and time consuming. I have searched the internet for a fix with no results. Also this PC's Outlook 2016 will not get my Gmail even after logging in and now locks up and I need to reboot. I checked and rechecked all of my settings both in Outlook and in Gmail and everything looks ok to me. I ran Kaspersky online scanner, and fsecure black light along with all of my utilities and nothing bad is returned.

Its got to the point where I want to drop everything I have Microsoft and go Apple. I am wondering where this problem is coming from either Microsoft or Google? If what is happening to me Microsoft's way of telling me to buy a monthly or yearly subscription since mine is a one time pay of $160. for one PC or is it Googles one more way of being intrusive?

I just can't sit here any more day after day trying to fix something that may not be fixable? This Sager laptop ran around $2000. 5 years ago and something Apple like it probably would cost the same if not more and still I would have to pay for most MS software anyway.

Does any one here have an idea what is going on with this PC? I would have reloaded the O.S. but if I did that I would have to repurchase MS Office again $$$$$

Thank you all

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Re: Gmail & Outlook 2016 Not Getting Along

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It will stem from Googles GMAIL changing security protocols. It doesn't work on my outlook, which I now rarely use (got free Office from work) as Google has implemented 2 step authentication, i.e. log in with password, then authenticate through your Android device (phone or tablet). Most companies are going this way (works great if you have no phone!) especially in banking. I get my Gmails on my phone or log into Google on my PC and forward them to my other accounts. You can set Gmail to auto forward to another account.
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