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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:07 am 

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We have had quite a few discussions about the differences between hardware and software RAID and I am hoping I can get some input on the topic.For instance let's say I had 10 TB I wanted to mirror as opposed to hardware RAID'd. With a hardware RAID I would have a high end RAID controller with a good chunk cache - let's say 1 gig - and then add a pile of drives - let's assume SATA for this discussion - that would end up being more than 10 TB depending on the type of RAID I wanted. With a software mirror I could at the low end just have two arrays of 10 TB drives on a single drive chain.At the high end for mirroring I could have 2 not so top of the line controllers with minimcal cache, let's say - each at half the price of the expensive controller (which is approximately correct for some actual gear I've scoped out) - each controller with its own chain of drives.In the latter two cases the obvious extra cost is more drives but let's say ease of transportability is determined to be worth it in this case - e.g. ability to move the drives and/or controller to another system if there should be a problem.I know it's difficult to give hard numbers but approximately what kind of a hit would there be with scenario 1 - RAID - vs scenario 2 - simple software mirror - vs scenario 3 - dual controller mirroring?Would the size of the drives make a difference e.g. 5 - 4TB drives vs 10 2-TB drives?

Please help.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:18 am 
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Had to delete your link to "vdizzy" as it is a questionable site, more an ad for personnel needs.
A serious question as to what type of RAID array. But the setup depends on system needs.. what type of business, clientele, and number of customers daily. Each RAID configuration has its benefits and sore points. The more drives in a 'mirror' setup, the more secure your data is. But more expensive and can slow overall response. But far easier for full recovery if one drive fails.
The RAID program that came from a preferred party may or may not be better than what Microsoft® proffers. But the other programs still must meet the WHQL requirements. And system compatibility. Then there is the cost of the program, aside from the hardware. What sort of warranty and "anytime" help assistance with the program? ... rence.aspx ... ndixa.html

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