PDF files are not longer read

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PDF files are not longer read

Post by StevenMiller »

Hello experts,
I had to clean a trojan from my laptop this morning. After a few hours of work and Malware scanning, I got rid of the issue and everything seemed to be fine.
...then I realized I was wrong. I realized 'some' of my adobe files in my hard disk cannot be opened with 'File corrupt' error. I know these files are valid and usable (at least before the issue)
I realized the files that cannot be read has a PDF version 0.0 in the attributes.
The interesting thing is this issue is seen in some adobe files and not in others. I copied the supposely corrupted files into my PC, the issue is still the same on the PC - files cannot be opened.
For some files I have backups but for some I don't. So need to find a way to recover them.
Please help!
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Re: PDF files are not longer read

Post by rascard2007 »

Seems to be that the file headers become corrupted on anyway
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Re: PDF files are not longer read

Post by Roach412 »

using the most up-to-date adobe?

if you open the files in something like notepad or wordpad, what are the first few lines?

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Re: PDF files are not longer read

Post by evasive »

sounds like ransomware/cryptoware. If you don't have a backup somewhere external and you don't know what it was that encrypted the files, chances of recovering the stuff are VERY slim.
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