f10 bios for gigabyt x58 extreme motherboards

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f10 bios for gigabyt x58 extreme motherboards

Postby aussiejunior » Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:15 pm

This is more of a recomendation then anything else, but for all users of the gigabyt x58 extreme mobo I'd reccomend updating to this bios. It's the first bios I've been sucessfully able to run my memeory at it's manufactred specs of ddr3 1866 @ 9 9 9 28 2t without overclocking the cpu. And also it has now allowed me to reach some faily impressive overclocks on stock voltage. Right now I'm running my i7 920 @ 3.7ghz with stock voltages on everything plus hyperthreading still turned on. The olny feature I have disabled is turbo mode lol.

Kudos to gigabyte and all the hard work they put into this bios, as it's a pearler
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