MS Access: Importing multiple .doc's for cataloging?

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MS Access: Importing multiple .doc's for cataloging?

Post by gamepyrate »

Hello all.
Long time no see.
Problem: I am trying to create a means of compiling the information from multiple .doc files (which are completely identical except for a few user-inputted fields like "date" and "quantity", etc.), and have that data easily searchable.
My idea: I was thinking that MS Access is the way to go to build a database. I do not want to have to manually import the values for each and every form, but instead want it automated (since the forms are 99% identical).
My question: Is there a way of doing this?

Further information: The form in question can actually be located here: ... ntKindID=3 . It is used to order cryptographic equipment for COMSEC (GOV/military job). I've been trying to read beginner's manuals on SQL and Access, thinking they do the trick, but I have not yet been able to find how automated importing of multiple .doc's could be accomplished. Or maybe it is not possible? I saw 3rd party software that sounded like it did the trick, but getting the authorization to run a 3rd party software on a government computer is a pain in the rear.

Thanks for help, if any.
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Post by Karlsweldt »

The term is "mask sorting for documents".
It is a feature by another name in MS Office and other programming.
Another example:
Basically, you create a subnet mask that excludes all identical data of all documents.. then sorts the desired criteria by type or category, and then displays that criteria by either age, alpha or how you wish it displayed.

Look in the program for "sort by:".
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