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by gamepyrate
Wed Aug 21, 2002 5:27 pm
Forum: General
Topic: A List Of All Video Card's Core and Memory Settings
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Tom is a damn liar. I wouldn't listen to him. I trust DocOc first, and Anand second. Note that those are the old drivers for ATi's, pre-catalyst, and that you could add another 1% or 2% to their performance. BTW overclocking the MX, which you should do still, doesn't yield a great performance increa...
by gamepyrate
Wed Aug 21, 2002 2:17 pm
Forum: The Hundred Year War
Topic: Intel or AMD
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AMD is well behind Intel in technology. Intel has been putting much research in to the Prescott, which will kill the next AMD processor with ease. AMD wins the useless benchmarks in SiSoft and Sysmark, but Intel dominates AMD's in everything visual: games, photo editing, surfing. The XP2600+ will no...
by gamepyrate
Wed Aug 21, 2002 2:13 pm
Forum: The Water Cooler
Topic: What The Best Brand Of Hard Drives?
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Okay, I have nevre had any drives fail on me by themselves. I have of course dropped and magnetized hard drives before, but I do not consider that the manufacturer's fault. I've owned about 5 IBM's, 3 WD's, 2 Maxtor's, they all still work now, even the ones from over 5 years ago. They've all survive...
by gamepyrate
Mon Aug 19, 2002 12:37 am
Forum: The Hundred Year War
Topic: If you had $100 to spend on a Video card...?
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I still think ATi's drivers are pretty crappy, especially in XP. If I was on XP, I wouldn't use an ATi. I voted for the Radeon 8500 as on my system, which is an XP1800 with a Radeon 8500LE at 290/300, it performs way better than the Ti200, Ti500, all MX crap, and in some instances can beat or compar...
by gamepyrate
Mon Aug 19, 2002 12:33 am
Forum: The Hundred Year War
Topic: Which chipset???
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Hello Mr. House, I've been thinking the past few days of what I should centre my paper on, worrying and wondering about if the topics I had would be suitable to discuss in a research paper… Basically all of my ideas centred on me, my life, my problems, my family, my etc. But I wouldn't be able to g...
by gamepyrate
Mon Aug 19, 2002 12:26 am
Forum: The Hundred Year War
Topic: MHZ vs. MHZ
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Yes, you can post benchmarks in SiSoft Sandra and whatever meaningless numbers you wish, the AMD will beat the nearest Intel and probably the few above it, but in gaming you can't disregard Intel's dominating AMD's because, though they get fewer operations per clock, they have so many more MHZ it ma...