Folding @ Home Team :: Signatures

Remote Signatures For the Forums

New dynamic signatures for the forums.


  1. Copy the link below the signature you wish to use
  2. Replace Default_Dave (unless you are Default_Dave) with your EXACT folding team name. Spelling and caps are important.
  3. Go to forums and click on profile
  4. Scroll to signature box and enter your link surrounded by [img]your link here[/img]
  5. Click submit

Writing on the Wall by MoboCop

Come Fold if Ye Dare by Myth

Southwind by Myth

Gothic by Myth

Dragon Spires by Myth

Dragon Skies by Myth

Flying V by Ryn

Burnout by Myth

Liquid Asphalt by Myth

Wookie Love by Myth

It's GREEEAT! by Myth

Top Gun by Myth

Doomed by Myth

Whirlybird by Myth

Hi-rise by Myth

On Deck by Myth

Submerged by Myth