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Remote Avatars For the Forums

New dynamic avatars for the forums.


  1. Copy the link below the avatar you wish to use
  2. Replace Default_Dave (unless you are Default_Dave) with your EXACT folding team name. Spelling and caps are important.
  3. Go to forums and click on profile
  4. Scroll to bottom and enter your link into the Link to off-site avatar box
  5. Click submit

DO IT Avatar by Myth

Join Us by CD Burner(variation of dharbert avatar)

We Need You by Ladd(variation of dharbert avatar)

Flag by Myth

Purple Hippo by robpope

Red Dragon by dharbert for wyrm73

Now Fold by Coppershirt

Tiger by dharbert for Wayne

Sabrewings by Sabrewings

AMD Avatars by dharbert


Intel Avatars by dharbert

Team Avatars by dharbert