Folding @ Home Team.

Folding @ Home is a worldwide community effort researching the causes, and cures, for various diseases due to the improper folding sequences of protein molecules. has formed a Folding @ Home distributed computing team for members and visitors alike to join. We ask that everyone please join and donate your spare CPU cycles to help benefit Stanford University's Folding @ Home project. Together we can make a difference! This Folding @ Home flash presentation explains how.

Editor's note: Special thanks go out to Tulatin for starting the team, to dharbert for carrying the torch, and to all the team members for folding like MAD!

How Do I Join?

  1. Determine your operating system.
  2. Decide upon the type of client that suits your needs. There is a screensaver version that uses spare CPU cycles when your screensaver runs. There is a higher performance graphical client, as well as a no-nonsense console/text version.
  3. Download the desired client.
  4. Run the client and have the team number 33258 handy during the install process in addition to your username. Follow the installation guide for your specific operating system, and the client type that you've decided upon.

Useful Links