ECS K7VMA Review :: Introduction

06-22-2001 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ECS is a well-known name in the computer industry. Established May 1987 in Taiwan, ECS has been a leader in the budget board arena for many years, filling in the spaces of a well-needed market. ECS has a large presence in the Asian/European marketplace and have done quite well here in the states also.

One of the latest motherboard to come from these folks is the K7VMA an AMD Athlon/Duron based platform board. Supporting Athlon CPUs from 700Mhz - 1.2GHz and Duron CPUs from 600MHz - 800MHz at a 100MHz FSB making it a very processor flexible solution and with the rate of AMD prices going down everyday that is great news for the end user or system integrator.

Having onboard 2D/3D video and two channel audio gives the K7VMA more than adequate features for being an all in one motherboard aimed at the lower end marketplace and comes across in flying colors for what it is intended for. Another really nice thing about this motherboard is the simplicity of setting it up and getting going. This is a great beginners motherboard that is laid out well with the power connector above and out of the way of the CPU, which is always a plus leaving space around the CPU for airflow and easy access. If you want the complete lowdown on the K7VMA from ECS read on and see the full review.