FIC AZ11E Review :: Introduction

01-22-2001 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

First International Computer (FIC) was founded in 1980, a little ahead of the computer gold rush of the early 90s when most of today's motherboard manufacturers were founded. You know, after being in business this long they have a lot of experience under their collective belts. As a result, they have had many successful motherboards released over the years, including the VA503+, one of the most widely sold motherboards ever because of its flexibility and ease of use.

FIC comes at us now in the form of the AZ11-E, a pumped-up version of their AZ11 series motherboards. It features the latest dual ATA100 standard for faster transfer rates on your IDE chain, and it also has the new Audio Alert. The Audio Alert is a hardware circuit with voice IC to intercept POST interrupt for CPU, memory, and VGA error halts. This is a diagnostics tool that talks to you in a virtual human voice, which is kind of eerie if you ask me. This motherboard has all the great features of the original AZ11, with just a little more punch and pizzazz for your purchasing dollar. Read the rest of the review for more details on this cool motherboard from FIC.