MSI K8N Neo MS7030 Review :: Introduction

05-28-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Well out with the old and in with the new or so the saying goes, and it looks like NVIDIA is doing just that as the NF3 250Gb replaces the older version of itself the NF3 150Gb and takes the chipset in new directions that should very much appeal to the enthusiast mind. MSI was the first company to have an available board based on the chipset and shows strength in their R&D department and in their ability to get this board to market before the crowd. Another thing about MSI lately is that all the test boards coming from AMD for their new 939 platform are made by MSI, which is pretty strange occurrence as for the past few years usually the test kits from AMD have traditionally had ASUS boards. MSI is still in the 2nd place pole position in the first tier manufacturer race, but they seem to be slowly gaining steam and catching up with ASUS as time goes by. MSI does have many features that are specific to the MSI product line that also help keep the company end-user friendly and rival those of their peer group very nicely.

I have probably tested and evaluated more boards from this company than any other as they have always been MARCOM friendly and provided products to review houses such as ours in an attempt to make MSI a household name. From VGA cards to SFF system and even motherboards MSI has expanded their product lineup considerably since their earlier days and this seems to be paying off for them in the retail market as seen in their yearly sales revenues. MSI was the first company this round to have a motherboard based on the new NF3 250Gb chipset, and to let a little cat out of the bag they along with ASUS will be the first ones to have a Socket 939 board as well. You can see an in-depth look at the NF3 chipset here if you care to learn more about it. A few quick trips to the caffeine bar and then its back into the lab I go feeling a bit of deja-vu in the process, but here we go again anyways for another week of tests. MSI has made some outstanding products in their past and the K8N-NEO looks good on paper so follow along as we take a tour and see if it lives up to expectations, we might just be surprised.