Motherboard: Abit KV8 MAX-3 Review :: Introduction

05-19-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ABIT has long been known as the overclocker's friend as they were the first company to really take users enthusiasm as a sign to change the way they designed motherboards. ABIT started developing boards that offered users the ability to alter the speed of the memory and CPU, allowing overclocking, and opening up a floodgate of options never before supported in the BIOS. I still remember overclocking my 300MHz Celeron to 450MHz as one of my early overclocking attempts on an ABIT board. This in turn spurned other companies to follow suit and soon all the major players had boards that supported altering the performance values in the BIOS. Through all the different chipsets that have hit the market ABIT has had a board that shows their continued efforts to drive technology to the edge and keep the enthusiasts opinions in mind.

Motherboard: Abit KV8 MAX-3 Review

Well the KV8 Max-3 follows in the traditional footsteps laid in place by its predecessor motherboards and continues to offer features that have dynamic appeal to the hard-core user group. Overclocking with AMD's new Socket 754 Athlon 64 is really a limited endeavor as the chip is already pushing its design envelope straight from the factory. To me regardless of how well the CPU itself responds to overclocking, the board it's installed in should give me the most flexibility and control of my performance environment as possible. ABIT has not let me down yet, as every board I have seen from them has been made with enough feature options to please even the most disconcerting of people. Case in point, the KV8-MAX3 as seen reviewed here. Take a look at this board and see if you agree it has what it takes to be in the winners circle. From a quick look I think it has the right stuff.

Motherboard: Abit KV8 MAX-3 Review