Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 PRO2-W Review :: Introduction

03-19-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

GIGABYTE was one of the first players to hit the field in the personal PC business and has been one of the most solid and competitive companies since its onset in 1996. Featuring motherboards that have always been cutting edge and in the case of most of their top-end products, motherboards that are filled with the latest in technical features available. Supporting both the AMD and Intel platforms GIGABYTE has a board that will fit the niche of whatever system you plan to build regardless of whether it's a P4 or an Athlon CPU that you want to use. Lately most of the major players have been seen supporting both the big name VGA camps nVIDIA and ATI, prior to the last two quarters manufactures had to choose one company or the other as deals between chipset companies and manufactures was a tedious tightrope affair.

This is a somewhat turnabout practice, one that shows the Industry changing gears as sales drop in all quarters and flexibility becomes a paramount factor to the manufactures investing in the VGA market. It seems like there are many manufactures tired of strong arm politics previously favored by some players in the game. Today we take a look at the GA-8IPE100 Pro2-W one of the latest boards for the P4 platform to be released from the folks at GIGABYTE that once again features the most recent technologies built on-board. One of the excellent features of this new board is its Wi-Fi function that enables user's access to a wireless net environment. This technology is something that should really start taking off this year as more and more people make the switch form a wired to a wireless LAN. To see all the features of this new board, read on and get all the inside details of the 8IPE100 Pro2-W from our friends at GIGABYTE.