Motherboard: DFI Lanparty 875 Review :: Introduction

01-16-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

DFI (Diamond Flower International has been around making computer components since 1981 when it was established by Mr. Y. C. Liu. Today the company makes a wide variety of motherboards based upon Intel, Nvidia, SIS and VIA chipsets. They also offer SIS Xabre 400 video cards for sale, being one of the few video card companies that doesn't have a full line-up of add-in cards.

Last year DFI introduced the concept of a LANPARTY motherboard. So what is a LANPARTY motherboard supposed to do? A Lan Party is a gathering of computer users connected together via their LANs playing a multiplayer game. The concept has been expanded so much that there are huge parties where several thousand people attend a giant event all playing in a room or a convention hall to win prizes like cash, computers and other cool stuff.

DFI has introduced several LANPARTY boards including the LANPARTY PRO875 which is the board I'm reviewing here, a LANPARTY KT400A board, a LANPARTY NFII Ultra based upon Nvidia's nForce 2 chipset, and the LANPARTY Pro865 board. This is the second of the LANPARTY motherboards that I've reviewed. You can read the first one by clicking this link. This board should be an interesting review.