Motherboard: SOYO CK8 Dragon Plus :: Introduction

12-08-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

AMD's Athlon 64 is the affordable 64-Bit solution for the common person, breathing in a new wave of processing possibilities never before available to the general populace. 64-Bit software and a solidly supported OS are not yet readily available. That having been said does not mean that you cannot dabble and have fun within the available software, no it just means it is very limited and will probably bring enjoyment to the pioneering spirited type who does not care about support but likes to bleed innovative tech regardless. The theory, "build it and they will come 'hopefully will work for AMD and help push the technology to its next obvious evolution. Things will run faster on 64-Bit architecture and games, music and video editing projects will see vastly significant performance gains in that environment. Intel has yet to release their next generation weapon to counter AMD's new baby but you can bet your money they will have to eventually as AMD is now moving up to the 3400+ which will break Intel's hold on having the fastest market available CPU.

SOYO has been around for a long time now and even though their name may not be right on the lips of "every "enthusiast in the good ole US of A they nevertheless have been making solid motherboards throughout their existence. Many of these are products that have won various awards around the globe for varying degrees of excellence. From first glance, you can tell this board is a looker having clean lines a shiny black PCB and awesome chrome hardware. This is a board that is geared for custom systems where you can see the board that's in the system, a set of cool colored cables, the right fan and a cool case light will make a system worthy of visual praise using the CK8. Looks aside is what testing is for and I have to let the cat out of the bag, the CK8 is a fast board and it beat out its competitors in this first run of AMD Athlon 64 tests here in the lab. We tested five in a battle between the top five contenders who have market ready boards and since the CK8 was the fastest, I reviewed it first. Let us take a closer look at what the CK8 has to offer the user looking for a solid motherboard for their shiny new AMD Athlon 64, read on to get all the details.