Motherboard: Abit BD7-RAID Review :: Introduction

02-28-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Abit has been the second most popular maker of performance motherboards since the mid-nineties, and they do not seem to be losing any steam as the years continue to go by. I have always enjoyed using Abit motherboards, as they have continually made products that have the overclocker in mind. Combine that with their proven SoftMenu technology and things have only gotten easier.

The BD7-RAID follows in the footsteps of Abit's other P4 based motherboards that have done very well in the consumer marketplace due to their performance and feature options. Boards like the TH7-RAID/TH7II-RAID were also very good for overclocking as you can see in this review here. Overall I have had the best overclocking success when using Abit motherboards. I hope this is a tradition that continues. We will now take you on a fun filled tour of the BD7-RAID, a solid board for the enthusiast and consumer market. Want to know more? Read on and see the whole review.