Gigabyte X800 Pro Review :: Conclusion

06-23-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

Be aware that the supplies on the X800XT high end version of this card are extremely limited at the moment. There are 4 sites listed on the Pricewatch Search Engine at the moment carrying the 16 pipeline version of the X800. That said, the 12 pipeline version which I review here is more widely available and has several pages of sites listed on the Net.

If you're looking for an AGP card today, there is little doubt in my mind that the X800 Pro card is the card of choice. Its performance in the games I play today is simply amazing. Many times I did a double take at the performance of the X800 Pro. Turning on 6x AA and 16x AF in games does not cause the games I've tried to go to unplayable levels even at 1280x1024 32 bit color.

I don't often recommend a $400 video card for anyone. Frankly, I feel that a price point over $200 for a card is a bit much. However, with the X800 Pro you get all the performance you need at price that doesn't hurt quite as much as a $499 card like the X800XT PE. It nearly doubles the performance from the previous generation card and doesn't cost as much I have a much easier time recommending this card than last years 9800XT.

So what are the negatives of the X800 Pro from Gigabyte? It's hard to find negatives besides the price of the card being higher than most people are willing to pay. With monthly driver updates from ATI and Quick Fixes if needed driver support is assured. It's been a while since my last Editor's Choice award. I'm happy to give the X800 Pro the Editor's Choice. Stay tuned for a look at a whole new interface for video cards in a very short while. Hopefully we'll get the chance to review ATI's X800XT card, but for now, rest assured the future is bright for video cards.